Realizing her passion for beauty at a young age, Alison Raffaele Tatem experimented with looks and crafted her early technique behind the makeup counter of the family business, Raffaele’s Pharmacy. From chiseled 80’s cheekbones to Bandy-esque naturals, she refined her skills on willing customers waiting for prescriptions and booked her first professional job while still in high school. In her early twenties she became Bobbi Brown's head assistant, eventually becoming the First National Makeup Artist and International Trainer of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. At the same time she began booking her own jobs in NYC, amassing a stellar portfolio of print work and celebrity personal appearances. In 2000 she launched her cosmetics brand, Alison Raffaele Cosmetics, which she ran until 2014. Since then, Alison has continued to work both as a Freelance Makeup Artist in the New York City Metro area, as well a Consultant in the Cosmetics Industry.  Recent consulting projects include redesigning Estee Lauder's Global eye shadow color portfolio, helping to launch the Makeup by Mario brand, and project management for Victoria Beckham Beauty. 

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